These are translations of MAHA in various languages. These are the words I strive for when creating imaging for my customers. Let's get together and create something POWERFUL, something Mighty, something Great, and always, something BEAUTIFUL!

My Story

My first experience with graphic design was in a weekend class in a strip mall back in 1995. We used a generic "print shop" software program and we were shown how to use the program and created a birthday card and a business card over the course of two weekend classes, I was 13 years old at the time. It wasn't until 2001 in my second year of college that I decided graphic design would be my life-long career and passion.

It was a long road and I've worn a lot of different hats over the years doing many different things involving graphic design, marketing, branding and photography and now I am focusing on building brands for small businesses in the surrounding communities, offering taylor made creative services to each client.

The Brand Development Process

I enjoy helping small businesses look their best! Creating a brand, branding is about connecting with your customers and genuinely gaining their trust and loyalty.

1st Step: Goals, Ideas and Inspiration - First we'll meet for a consultation, we dig into your company story, talk about your inspiration for doing what you do and find your passion to help reach your goals.  I will use this information to help come up with the overall visual direction of the project.

2nd Step: Research, Design & Development - In the second step, I'll gather research and come up with original concepts, we meet again and go over initial concepts and get an idea of what you like. Then I will nail down on a concept and build your brand around a concept you're passionate about.  Collaboration is KEY! The best final branded products will come when we work together as a team.

3rd Step: Implementation and Growth - After finalizing your brand concepts, we begin to implement a visual representation of your new brand! Based the scope of work you choose, we'll update your website, printed collateral, signage, Google listing and any other items your customers see. Your brand deserves attention to detail, it deserves a powerful image that will ultimately lead to gaining your customers trust and loyalty!

Maha Creative Studio has been doing professional photography, design and marketing for over 20 years for a variety of businesses. Over the years I have taken on a wide array of creative projects, there is no project too big or too small, just give me a call!